Commissioner Notes


             As is our custom, the captains met for lunch at Waynesborough Country Club for our annual pre-season meeting on April 5.  All the clubs were represented by their captains or a representative.  The following is a brief summary of the items discussed:

 1.       After considerable discussion, we decided to open the season on May 8.  We will not play on Wednesday July 3 due to its proximity to the Independence Day holiday.  The season will end on July 10 which is the same duration as last year.

2.       St. Albans will continue to use players from Conestoga as they did last year and will host matches at both clubs depending upon court availability.

3.       Hans reported that the current costs for our web-site amount to $ 35.00.  Please have your club prepare a check in this amount and send it to Hans.

4.      Hans reminded everyone that match scores need to be entered on the web-site by the home team captain.  If anyone is having a problem doing this, you may send the match results via e;mail to Hans or me and we will enter them for you.  Last season, several teams failed to enter all of their match results and this had a negative impact on their won/loss records which affected the final league standings.  Let’s not let this happen this season!

5     It was decided that the following clubs will have their waivers renewed to roster up to two players who are between the ages of 55 and 60: Cynwyd,    Aronimink,  and Hersheys Mill.   Waynesborough, which received this waiver several years ago, may continue to use the players grand-fathered in under this  waiver, but may not add any new under-60 players this year.

6.       Several captains suggested that we move our matches to Tuesday mornings in future years due  to the many scheduling conflicts which arise from the womens Cup matches which are held on Wednesday mornings.  There was considerable discussion regarding this proposal and it was agreed that we would discuss it further at our post-season captains meeting in September.  Each captain is encouraged to think about this proposal in the context of their club’s situation and be prepared to vote on it at our Fall meeting.

7.    Dave reported that our league trophy had been severely damaged during last August’s flood which deposited over five feet of water in Idle Hour’s clubhouse.  This prompted a discussion as to whether it is appropriate to continue to have a trophy for a league which is supposed to be based upon “social competition”. After considerable discussion, the captains decided to discontinue the awarding of a trophy to the league winner.

Dave Rowley

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